Have you ever thought that losing your purity is painful?

Actually, there is a way to lose your virginity without any pain.

I have supported more than 400 women with their first sexual experiences and learned how to remove their pain perfectly.

I have discovered this method on my own, so no one in the whole life world can do the same as me.

As a result, now I receive offers not only from all over Japan but also from overseas such as the United States and New Zealand and support 2 to 5 virgin women in a week.

In particular, I would like to help those women who have been too painful to have sex.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me

You also can have a sex without any physical burden.

Operator Profile

Basic profile

  • Name:Kenji
  • Age:43 years old
  • Profession:Consulting for hospital

Other Profile

  • The operator can talk in Japanese and English.
  • I have supported over 400 women to lose their virginity.
  • Since I am a hospital management consultant, I have medical knowledges.
  • I have lived in Canada for 2 years, so I can speak Japanese and English daily conversation.
  • People say I have amazing communication skills.


Who Get the Support?

  • 18-40 years old virgin women.
  • Women who can communicate in Japanese or English.
  • Women who would like to lose their purity without pain.
  • Considering the burden on your body, BMI needs to be 2 or less than that (please confirm this site).
  • Women who have microperforate hymen(a symptom that a hymen is too hard to break) and not afford the surgery fee (about ¥300,000).


You can lose your virginity without pain.

  • Since I work in the medical field, I have the knowledges to reduce the pain.
  • I am very experience because I have supported over 400 women.
  • I can relieve the pain with strong pleasure.

There are more secrets which have not shown on other websites.
I tell those secrets to only women who contact me, so please look forward it.

You can learn techniques to satisfy men.

I will teach you manners in hotels and the techniques which will be very important when you get a boyfriend.
Also, if you make the techniques your own, you can please men.
Having the amazing techniques improves partners relationships, so you will not be cheated, and it leads reducing your broken heart rate and divorce rate.

You can be pleasured and have orgasms repeatedly.

It is not the goal, but since women are relaxed and feel the strong pleasure for relieving the pain, most of them can come over and over again.

It will be a little painful, but I can give you a little less pleasure if you hesitate tohave the orgasm.

I’ll take care you after the support.

I basically will not contact you again after that.
However, if you need me, please feel free to contact me whenever you want.
It could be about SEX, your love life, daily life and anything. I would love to help you after the support too.


The support is totally free.

I am afraid, but the hotel fee may be paid at your expense.
In addition, I would like you to come to a designated place in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, so please pay the transportation costs too.

If you are not able to come to Nagoya, I can come to you, but I would like you to pay the transportation fee for me.

The process for losing your virginity

  1. Please feel free to contact me.
  2. I will send you a message about the details of the support.
  3. Please let me call you on LINE or Kakao Talk(both are smartphone apps) and explain more.
  4. If you decide to get supported, we schedule it.
  5. We will meet at a busy station on the day.
  6. Please check my personality while walking to a hotel.
  7. If there is no problem, we will get into the hotel.
  8. Let’s have some conversation and a massage to relax.
  9. I promise you to take your purity without any pain.
  10. We have an enough rest and take a shower then call it.


  • I will try to make you feel comfortable.
  • I will avoid pregnancy and STDs(Sexual Transmitted Diseases) thoroughly.
  • I will never ask your personal information.
  • I will do my best to care for your body and mind both before and after the support.


I’ve just came back home.
I don’t have any pain right now.

I’m still in tears with joy when I remember that. I was always thinking “Why can’t I have a sex like other women can do?”, but I could overcome the concern today. I can be confident of myself from now on.
I’m sure that it couldn’t be done with anyone else.
I really appreciate your kindness.


If you get this support, you can have your first sex without any pain.
Please feel free to get in touch with me.

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